2023 Duotone Jaime


2023 Duotone Jaime

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Product Information

Duotone Jaime 2023 Kiteboard
Innovative big air and freestyle kiteboard from Duotone

The Duotone Jaime 2023 has been in revolution for over 15 years and of course it will be back in the Duotone twintip line in 2023. Anyone who has ever ridden the Jaime knows that you are sold after the first few meters. It is the perfect choice for freestyle, freeride and big air as it rides so smoothly in all conditions. With the perfect amount of flex and pop you can do whatever you want with the Jaime, from board off flips to powered handle passes, the Jaime does it all! For 2023, Duotone has given the Jaime some amazing upgrades to further increase its performance. This year the Duotone Jaime 2023 has been upgraded with a new double rocker line, a small bend in the rail of the twintip that brings a huge amount of grip. Thanks to this large amount of grip, the kiteboard offers an impressive amount of pop and it is even easier to push off for a jump. The new innovative construction of the fins ensures that the fins are screwed to the kiteboard at an angle, so that you ride even faster upwind and have even more grip. Keeping your edge in 40 knots has never been easier!

The Duotone jaime 2023 is equipped with a good dose of torsional stiffness and a Carbon Web, which makes the kiteboard feel super lively underfoot and brings a playful ride regardless of the conditions. Compared to the Duotone Jaime SLS 2023, the normal Jaime 2023 is a bit more forgiving and the Jaime offers a little more comfort. Thanks to the medium flex, the kiteboard rides through chop without effort and brings a very comfortable ride. The precisely tuned materials provide control, power and comfort in just the right way at all times. At the bottom of the Jaime you will find a Double Diffuser Bottom that breaks the water surface and surprises you with amazing feedback and vibrancy underfoot. The tips are special absorption flex tips, which make the ride even more comfortable and forgiving with a big dose of performance potential. The kiteboard's rail is designed to ride upwind without effort, in combination with Duotone's innovative fins you can't help but fly upwind like a rocket! Riders of the Duotone Jaime 2023 are rewarded with effortless loading for a jump, an impressive take-off and very soft landings, in short, the perfect tool for breaking hight records!

Are you a progressive rider who is also looking for comfort in a kiteboard, then the Duotone Jaime 2023 is the ideal kiteboard for you!

Specifications Duotone Jaime 2023

Big air/freestyle
New angled fins
New Double Rocker Line
New Torsion FLex Cap
Carbon Web
Absorption flex tips
Double Diffuser Bottom
Medium Flex
Sporty and forgiving ride

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