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Product Information

Duotone Click Bar 2023 Kitesurf Bar
Renewed Click Bar with click-in chickenloop system

We have known the Duotone Click bar for a number of years now and it is one of our favorite bars on the market. Characteristic to the Click Bar: the super smooth auto-swivel, depower on the bar and can be used on any other kite on the market. Yet the Duotone Click bar has not really changed in recent years. Untill now! The Duotone Click bar 2023 is the most upgraded Click Bar in years!

For many it will be clear in the blink of an eye, the Duotone Click bar 2023 has had a very big upgrade: the long-awaited Click-In chickenloop system. Almost all other brands have already been ahead of Duotone, on this one. That's because Duotone tested the Click-In system very well before they brought this system onto the market. The new Iron Heart VI Click-In Safety System makes reloading your QR after pulling the safety a walk-in-the-park. Extensive testing has resulted in the Duotone Click-In safety system being one of the best and safest on the market. To make the Click-In system extra safe, Duotone has fitted an indicator on the QR that turns green when the safety system has been reassembled correctly.

The upgrade to the click in system is not the only thing that has changed for the new Duotone 2023 Click bar. The V-Distributor is now easier to remove for low V flying. In addition, a Low-V distributor has been added that ensures that there is no more twisting in the PU tubing of the Click Bar when you fly it at low V.
The floaters of the 2023 Duotone Click bar are easy to remove from the bar so that you can easily inspect the leaderlines for wear. To complete the picture of upgrades, we also have to mention the new minimalist pigtails that ensure less drag when you fly your kite.

As mentioned, a lot has changed with the new Duotone Click bar 2023, but of course many things have also remained the same. The 2023 Click bar still has the super easy depower system on the bar which can be operated with a button at the end of the bar. Ideal for when you can't always easily reach your depower. The PU depower line that runs through the bar in combination with the super smooth swivel of the QR ensures the very best auto-swivel of your power lines available on the market.

The Duotone Click bar 2023 is available in two sizes: S (42cm 20+2m) and M (49cm 22+2m). Both bars are supplied with a 2 meter extension that is already mounted on the 20 or 22 meter line as standard. In general, it is recommended to ride Duotone kites of 10 meters and smaller on a small Click bar, kites of 10 meters and larger are preferred with a 49cm Click Bar. This is of course advice and you can deviate from this based on your kitesurfing style and personal preference.

The Duotone Click bar 2023 comes standard without chicken loop. You can choose a freeride kit (the smallest loop, when you are not unhooking), freestyle kit (medium loop, suitable for unhooking), wakestyle kit (very large loop, only for unhooking) and rope harness kit (for rope harnesses).

Features Duotone Click Bar 2023

Duotone Click Bar 2023
S: 42 cm | 20 + 2 (extension) = 22m lines
M: 49 cm | 22 + 2 (extension) = 24m lines
New Click-In QR
New Low-V Distributor
New floaters
New (loose) pigtails
Depower on the bar
Super smooth auto swivel
FLITE99 lines

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